This year Status Turned 40. That’s 40 years old. We’ll have been operating and in business for a full 40 years, in Cape Town and South Africa. Happy birthday, Us!

While nowadays 40 is either seen as the new 30 or the time for a mid-life crisis, we are far from bothered. In fact, we couldn’t be more elated. It is a huge achievement for any business to be in operation for 40 years and to still be getting better, still be growing, still be innovating, still be delivering to its customers.

Like a fine wine, Status just gets better with age. Better at finding and promoting the best talent in our four specialist sectors: BPO & Contact-Centre, Financial Services, Sales & Marketing, ITC and Office Support.

Along with our extensive experience in talent acquisition, we feel fresh and we’re only going to get fresher – as you can see from our new website and branding. (Let us know what you think of this new Status look and feel? We want to hear from you, even if you just say ‘Hi’ and wish us a ‘Happy Birthday’.)

For us, there is no better birthday gift than the knowledge and memories of all the companies and career-seekers that we have helped over the last 40 years. We’ve been around long enough to see young South Africans enter their first job (with our help, of course), rise up the career-ladder (sometimes with our help), and some even enter happy and prosperous retirement.

Since 1975, we’ve never lost sight of the value of talent inherent in all people and our passion for helping our talented candidates find their careers-of-choice. This is because talent matters! Which is why we are all about supporting SA’s talent. As long as there are people, there will be talent and as long as there is Status Staffing, we’ll be looking for it and delivering great service to our candidates and our clients.

But that’s not all, as we plan to keep on giving to celebrate Status Turning 40. During the coming months and year, we’ll be posting more content on our 40 year history and running some cool celebratory activities to celebrate, while giving away some awesome birthday prizes and gifts. So keep watching this space for more news on this…

So we are looking forward to the next 40 years of Status and celebrating our eightieth birthday with the same awesomeness as we plan to celebrate our fortieth. And we’ll be able to keep adding more decades to our successful history all because of the right people: people like you, people like our clients, people like our candidates, and, most of all, people like our awesome team of recruiters and management. Thank you to everyone who’s helped make the last 40 years a success. Here’s to us, here’s to you, and here’s to many more years of supporting SA’s talent!