The Status Story

In 1975 something was born, or rather reborn, at Shell House in the CBD of our beautiful city of Cape Town: Status Staffing.

Back then, Status was an international organisation, with operations in the UK, Australia and the USA. A proudly South African man with a vision and a sense of mission decided to bring Status Staffing to the Mother City. His name is George Thomson and he was the Managing Director for many years. George now sits on Status’ Board of Directors, ensuring the continuity of our expertise from one generation to the next with his wise counsel.

In its early days, the newly formed South African division of the company quickly grew and emerged as a feisty young competitor in the local recruitment agency industry. Once set up in our CBD offices, our success was rapid and, before those involved realised it, Status’ humble home on a single floor in Shell House could no longer contain our explosive growth. Over time, Status geographically extended its offices and reach from Claremont to Epping to Bellville, all the way up to Johannesburg, and all the way back down to the Foreshore in Cape Town.

Over the years, our family of staff grew: new people joined, people left, some came back again, and many stayed; but always it has been a team of industry experts and a bunch of dedicated people. Since 1975, our team have helped many talented candidates and corporate clients, connecting them with each other – forging successful employment relationships. As a result, Status has thrived and, with it, Status’ candidates and clients have thrived too. During these formative years, Status has established a respected brand name in the marketplace and a track record for quality delivery in talent-acquisition.

This year, Status turned 40 years old and these days, Status has long-passed its bouncing-baby stage, as well as its care-free adolescence. Today, we are a brand with the maturity and experience to match our years operating in SA, with a mature head leading the team in the form of our MD, James Thomson. Through the decades, along with our local community and the great nation of South Africa, we have seen much change: history made, political and social transformation, great statesmen and leaders rise and pass into legend, technology change (a lot!), candidate and client aspirations achieved and many dreams still to accomplish.

We’ve thrived through the boom years and the recessions, continually adapting and evolving with changing best practice trends in business and talent acquisition. After all, talent never goes out of fashion and is always needed by any organisation. In fact, we’ve been around long enough to have seen some trends go full circle and to have the déjà vu sense of seeing ‘history repeating itself’. Always, Status has focussed on keeping a balance between the best of traditional recruitment practices with a blending of cutting-edge innovation in talent acquisition. In other words, we combine the best of the old and the new; we believe in evolution, not revolution. (And who’s going to argue with Nature?)

So what’s our secret for achieving 40 years success in business? Over the years, we learnt that some things really matter for delivering great talent-acquisition services and products. It’s pretty simple really.

Whether the economy is up or down and what’s the latest cool technology, we focus on a three basic principles and the rest takes care of itself, for the most part. Those three simple things are:

  1. Talent: At Status, we really believe that talent matters! As is so often said in the world of work, it’s not about having people in your organisation, it’s about having the right people. Status’ team of specialist expert recruiters provides our candidates with access to the right careers at employers-of-choice, while matching the right people for our client’s organisations. In short, we know how to make talent work for you.
  2. It’s about people (the right people): Business is about people, whether our staff of specialist experts, our clients or our candidates. People are the biggest differentiator for any organisation and the only sustainable one. That’s why we are passionate about what we do and why we know the value we bring to our clients’ success and our candidates’ careers.
  3. Community & service: We believe that by helping young talented South African’s find employment in top brands and with employers-of-choice, we are providing a service that enables them to access the formal economy and develop the skills and experience they need for life-long employment. Likewise, we help our clients access and recognise top talent in the local labour market to ensure that they can grow their skills pipelines and prosper as a result. We do this through consistent high-quality service to our candidates and our clients, day in and day out. In this way, Status is supporting SA’s talent. It’s our mission to help local communities access growth and prosperity through participation in the formal economy of the nation, while we actively give back to local communities and community groups.After all, we all work to live. It’s through work that we can express our talents and fulfil our aspirations, for ourselves and our families.

The reason that Status turned 40 years old is by living these principles and investing in people, every day since 1975. So here’s to the story we’ll write together during the next 40 years!