• Visual Artist
  • Roberto Milan
  • Editorial Cartooning / Design


Roberto who is the creative talent behind Status’ cartoons (including Lwazi) and the visual design of Status’ website, graduated with a BA (Information Design) from The University of Pretoria and an MPhil in Visual Arts (Illustration) at Stellenbosch University. Roberto won the Italian Africae Mediterraneo competition for ‘Best Comic Strip by an African Author’ for his comic strip Hello Neighbour.

During his student days, he started working for the Centre for Comic, Illustrative and Book Arts (CCIBA), exposing him to top brass cartoonists and visual artists. Dedicating himself to his career-of-choice and applying his unique talent, Roberto currently illustrates and publishes political cartoons and comic strips for various publications and newspapers, including The Pink Tongue and GroundUp. Roberto keeps himself busy by being involved in a range of creative and editorial, graphic literature projects. He recently acted as co-editor on the comic book anthology Graflit: Graveyard Literature in Black and White, working alongside Andy Mason, the accomplished South African cartooning academic and author of What’s So Funny? Under the Skin of South African Cartooning.

In 2013, Roberto began working with renowned political cartoonist Zapiro (AKA: Jonathan Shapiro), colouring various cartoons for a number of his publications, including the recent cartoons depicting the death of Nelson Mandela.

Now how about that for Status supporting SA’s talent!