Skills Development & Training Solutions

Why Does Skills Development Matter?

If the right people are an organisation’s biggest differentiator, then all employers need enough of the right people in order to deliver to their customers and sustain growth:

  • Companies typically spend between 5-10% of their budget on training for L&D interventions.
  • Skills development interventions needs to be incorporated into the employer’s Work Skills Plan.
  • Skills development presents an opportunity for accessing public funding and grants for the cost of training of new entry-level employees, including from the SETAs, Monyetla, and the Jobs Fund.
  • BBBEE employment and skills development achievement contributes to a company’s BBBEE Scorecard.
  • Without skills development interventions, from entry level to management, the necessary skills pipelines to enable sustainable organisational growth are not readily available in SA at sufficient numbers. SA needs to invest in the potential of its non-work ready labour market talent.

What Is the Challenge?

At present demand for work-ready candidates with prior work-experience exceeds supply across many skill-levels and industries. There is a Provincial and National supply challenge. The work-readiness of recent matriculants, sometimes even graduates too, is not at the level organisations need, therefore upfront skills development interventions are critical for unlocking this potential talent pool.

Why Status & Disability Recruitment & Skills Development?

Status believe that specialist expertise makes all the difference for quality solutions and consistent delivery. This requires investment. An investment in supporting SA’s talent, across all of the nation’s talent demographics. We’ve partnered with Omni HR Consulting to deliver high quality skills development and learnership interventions. Omni HR Consulting, is a leading L&D Specialist, based in Cape Town and with a national presence.

Status’ Skills Development & Learnership Products & Services:

Together with Omni HR Consulting, we provide seamless L&D solutions, ranging from specialist services in: skills development consulting, training in credit bearing qualifications, learnerships and skills programmes, implementation project management, learner coaching, to mentoring and SDF.

These include:

  • Sourcing and assessing candidates and learners;
  • Full and accredited qualifications;
  • Skills/learning programmes;
  • Learnerships;
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL);
  • Public/open skills development workshops.

We ensure total service alignment by:

  • Developing partnerships with key stakeholders in the client’s business;
  • Identifying the performance requirements to meet the client’s business goals and strategic objectives;
  • Contracting with clients and working in partnership with them to take the required action to ensure that their organisational performance is enhanced;
  • Moving away from a traditional training delivery model, instead focussing on human performance improvement that translates into measurable results and ROI for you.

If you’d like to chat to us about these products and services, please contact Dermot Grazebrook.

Top-Up Menu Interventions for Scalable Skills Pipelines & ‘Low-Hanging-Fruit’ Talent Pools:

When screening and assessing candidates for a range of contact-centre functions, we often see individuals who are perfect and work-ready in every way (especially their attitude and soft skills) but drop out the process due to a minor technical failings in fundamental competencies, including:

  • Basic numeracy;
  • Adequate literacy (including business email writing skills and UK written grammar);
  • Basic PC skills (especially multi-screen navigation, as well as typing speeds and/or data-capturing accuracy);
  • Basic customer-service and/or sales skills, like active listening and solution orientation;
  • Or some easy to obtain certificate/qualification.

Often these candidate’s fundamental competencies are not far from the required standard and can be remedied with a short effective skills intervention. However, the employer doesn’t provide this intervention for such candidates and nor do recruitment agencies, so the candidate falls out the process. Learnerships are often ‘over-kill’ for fixing such a minor technical failing, while attending college or a private education programme may not be viable or effective for the candidate.

As a consequence, these candidates are locked out of service and sales jobs at employers-of-choice, like yours. And your organisation loses out on potential labour market talent.

How do we unlock this potential pool of candidates from the ‘low hanging fruit’ segment of the labour market? A segment that is not being properly mined by your competitors…

We propose, in partnership with you, leveraging these ‘low hanging fruit’ candidates by:

  • Identifying and modelling the key fundamental skills or competencies that prevent otherwise good candidates succeeding in your workplace;
  • Identifying which candidates and competencies can be addressed with short and cost effective interventions;
  • Work with our L&D JV Partners to identify suitable training interventions/programmes for your organisation, who will deliver the intervention.
  • Explore where such interventions can contribute to your CSI score and link into pivotal grants programmes, as well as tie into longer term accredited programmes and modules that your organisation is already participating in;
  • Explore if and where such interventions can be used to compliment gaps in public learnership programmes that your organisation participate in, for example, like Monyetla and SETA learnerships;
  • Explore if and where such interventions can be used to address fundamental competency gaps amongst existing your current staff, if applicable. For example, email business writing skills.
  • Although some direct classroom based learning interventions will be required for the effectiveness of this quick-win intervention, we’ll explore opportunities for blended learning models that encompass online based learning components. Wherever possible and effective, pure e-learning interventions will explored.

These interventions will enable you to access a pool of talent in the labour market that few other employers are accessing, except via cumbersome formal learnerships. This will unlock your ability access to a latent talent pool faster, more consistently and at less cost than formal learnerships.

The same top-up menu interventions can used to transfer candidates from other sectors, without the experience in your industry, so that they are ready to hit the ground running with you. This provides an additional skills pipeline that is scalable and fast to implement.

The Right Person, The Right Career, The Right Staffing Solution:

Shortages in supply, your organisation’s skills needs, and our expertise together can make the perfect equation for supporting SA’s talent in the developing the right talent for you in the labour market. In partnership, we can make it win-win-win, because we know how to make talent work for you.

So if you are interested, contact us directly and we can meet for a conversation and explore how these opportunities can work for you.