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Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Solutions

At Status, we believe in focussing on what we know we are good at: our specialist divisions.

We believe the same is true for the recruitment methodologies practised by our different teams and recruiters, depending on the client’s staffing needs, namely in the skills-set and volumes of staff they need. While we bespoke-build all our talent acquisition solutions for each of our client’s unique needs and culture, our services and solutions include:

Sourcing & Assessment:

We pride ourselves on the finding the right candidates for our clients, while ensuring that the candidate feels it’s the right career opportunity for them. It’s all about the right fit for our clients and our candidates. In order to achieve this, with every recruitment assignment, we do the following:

  1. Develop a proper understanding of your company: its business, its organisation and its culture. And a clear sense of the job specification and your ideal candidate criteria.
  2. Apply our Dynamic-55 model, see below, to market and promote your brand and job opportunity in the labour market, as well as research where to find the right talent in the workforce and target them accordingly. This allows us to source a database of suitable candidates for you.
  3. Screen the candidates through their CVs, telephone interviews and competency based interviews, as well as bespoke assessment tests in personality profiles, numeracy, literacy, computer and software skills. If successful in these, we then conduct past-employer reference checks, criminal, credit history, and education qualification checks. All of this information is submitted to you, along with their CV.
  4. Once successful in assessments, we brief the candidates fully on your company and job opportunity to ensure it’s the right career choice for them.
  5. This methodical and diligent quality assured process, ensures that we have a placement to CV submission ratio that we are very proud of. And more importantly, our clients find the right talent at the right time.

Dynamic-55: Advertising positions, in all the usual places, often brings you only the ‘best’ of the unemployed or unhappy, whereas we focus on innovative techniques that a wider range of candidates from previously untapped talent pools. Status’ recruiters are trained on a suite of recruitment methodologies called Dynamic-Sourcing. The focus of this approach is the use of 55 sourcing techniques, not overly reliant on mainstream media and job portal advertising. And where we do use mainstream media, especially digital and social media, it’s in an innovative and fresh way that is engaging and of value to individuals in the labour market.

At the core of this approach lies our ability to use these techniques to source candidates in places that others are not even looking and, as a result of this practice, a large portion of our candidate pool is exclusively represented by us.

Permanent & Fixed-Term Contract Staffing Solutions:

We offer a range of staffing solutions when sourcing the right candidates for your staffing needs, including permanent contract staff and fixed-term contract staff. We recruit from entry-level to specialist support staff to management and executive levels.

Temporary Flexi-Staffing Services & Solutions:

In the new normal, flexibility and risk management are valuable for navigating the business landscape. This is as true of staffing as other components of the business. Status provides a comprehensive range of temporary flexi-staffing services and solutions to meet your company’s particular needs. These include:

  • Sourcing and assessing the right candidates (see Sourcing & Assessment, above).
  • Payroll and compliance management, including all timesheet, leave and payroll management and services.
  • Performance and retention management, including HR and IR matters, like performance management and disciplinary procedures.
  • Wellness programmes.
  • Regular business intelligence reports on the temporary staff metrics and Status performance KPIs.

In order to be compliant with the pending TES labour law legislation, we are partnering with leading labour lawyers, Bagraims Attorneys.

Projects & Recruitment Campaigns:

As well as delivering quality candidates, we can also provide volume (while maintaining our quality). We have a specialist project team that specialises in volume recruitment campaigns, in our four divisions: contact-centre & BPO, financial services, sales & marketing, and office support.

Executive Search:

It’s no secret, the world of recruitment is changing. Gone are the days of reactive recruitment. In the world of the new normal, people are and technology complexity is increasing and everything is moving faster. Finding and securing the right management talent is getting more competitive and vacancies are getting harder to fill. Recruitment, especially at this level, is an art: it involves high-level skill; deep expertise; extensive networks; and a lot of tenacity. It is with this in mind that we provide a division focused exclusively on Executive Search.

Executive search is a specialised talent acquisition service used to source candidates for senior, executive or other highly specialised positions. This methodology involves: high-level market research in order to assess the availability of suitable candidates within a given market; interacting with these suitable individuals in order to provide a shortlist of the right management talent to our clients; and, ultimately, securing their interest for our client’s job opportunity.

Advertising, Response Handling & CV Screening:

All our staffing solutions involve us managing the advertising, response handling and CV screening functions for our clients. However, we can offer these as bespoke services for clients who need additional support for their own in-house capacity, such as SME employers or corporates running a volume recruitment ramp-ups.

If you’d like to find out more about any of our recruitment and talent acquisition services and solutions, please feel free to contact us directly.