Disability Employment

Why Does Disability Employment Matter?

All employers need disability candidates in order to meet their BBBEE scorecard requirements. SA BBBEE and Employment Equity Integration legislative policy requires employers to:

  • Employ about 5%-7% people with disabilities.
  • Disability employment equity needs to be incorporated into the employment equity plan of the company.
  • Spend 4% of their skills development budget on people with disabilities.
  • Disability skills development interventions needs to be incorporated into the employer’s Work Skills Plan.
  • Disability employment and skills development achievement contributes to a company’s BBBEE Scorecard.

What Is the Challenge?

At present demand for work-ready employable disabled candidates far exceeds supply. Mostly, this is a result of a chronic lack of proper investment into disability human capital solutions, combined with the high fall-out rates of disabled students from the education-system before they matriculate. There is a Provincial and National supply challenge. It matters even more for business now, because the legislature is ‘putting its foot down’ on targets for this BBBEE demographic being met, which perhaps hasn’t been the case to the same extent in the recent past.

Why Status & Disability Recruitment & Skills Development?

Status believe that specialist expertise makes all the difference for quality solutions and consistent delivery. This requires investment. An investment in supporting SA’s talent, across all of the nation’s talent demographics, including people with disability. We’ve invested in the operational resources needed to market to the niche disabled demographic, source and assess them and deliver appropriate skills development interventions. Also, we’ve partnered with Rustim Ariefdien, a leading Disability Specialist, based in Cape Town.

Status’ Disability Employment Products & Services:

We offer a suite of holistic product and service solutions for developing disability skills pipelines, while being able to segment these holistic solutions into a menu of bespoke options to suit your particular staffing needs.

1. Disability Employment Consultation & Advisory Expertise:

With our expert resources, we can advise on how you can make compliance and best practice work best for you, including ways to structure the implementation of your HR policies and skills-pipelines to access funding opportunities and sustainable talent pools. These include, at a strategic level:

  • Employment equity integration;
  • Skills development integration;
  • BBBEE Scorecard compliance and best practice.

And at a policy and operational level:

  • Reasonable accommodation;
  • Disability staffing sensitisation (including training and audits);
  • Universal access;
  • HR Disability audits;
  • Medical aid and benefits.

2. Disability Employment Recruitment & Skills Development Solutions:

At Status, we believe that clients are looking for holistic skills pipeline solutions. When it comes to best practice in Disability Employment, due to the challenges in work-ready labour market supply, we believe that holistic skills pipeline interventions are the solution to this chronic supply shortage. We address this by providing a mix of activities to deliver an end-to-end solution, including marketing to local communities and grassroots networks (especially the disability NPO sector), sensitised sourcing and assessment, appropriate skills development interventions (including learnerships), and public funded interventions where available and suited to the client’s needs.

These services and products include:

  • Multimedia targeted marketing: to niche demographics of employed and unemployed disabled candidates, as well as career awareness marketing initiatives to those still in education;
  • Recruitment: the sourcing and assessment of disabled candidates for permanent and fixed-term contract opportunities;
  • Recruitment and staff management: of disabled candidates for flexi-staffing opportunities, including compliant post TES legislation indemnity and outsourced staffing services;
  • Learnerships: both publically funded and self-funded. (We can help you access and apply for the funding. And structure the interventions to best suit your operational needs, as well as learner’s outcomes, whether they are on a fixed-term contract or flexi-staffing model.)

The Right Person, The Right Career, The Right Staffing Solution:

Legislative compliance, your organisation’s skills needs, and our expertise together can make the perfect equation for supporting SA’s talent in the disability employment sector. In partnership, we can make it win-win-win, because we know how to make talent work for you.

So if you are interested, contact us directly and we can meet for a conversation and explore how these opportunities can work for you. Please contact us at: