Employers-Of-Choice: Top 100 Global Companies To Work For & Top 10 SA Brands



Fortune ( has just published its latest global ranking for the top 100 companies to work for – it’s survey of which companies treat their employees the best & companies at which people most want to work at.

For the 7th consecutive year, Fortune’s top 100 is topped by Google (

That’s pretty impressive considering the stiff competition they face in Silicon Valley, let alone the rest of the USA.

Fortune says that Google retains its top spot because due to: its compensation structure, its enhanced healthcare coverage (including a virtual doctor for all employees and breast cancer screening services), its 3 prepared organic meals per day and unlimited snacks, as well as onsite car-oil changes and bike repairs, haircuts, health spa, nap pods, laundry rooms, and much else.

See more about all the benefits of being a Google employee (& the criteria by which Fortune ranked their top 100) at:

All this investment that Google makes in its people seems to offer them a strategic advantage in winning the war for talent: of the 1,000+ job openings Google have open, they receive 2.7 million job applications!

And some of these Fortune top 100 are multinational brands with operations in South Africa (and Cape Town), including:

Congratulations to all these companies for making Fortune’s top 100, as this is no small achievement!

Wouldn’t it be great to have the opportunity to understand how these top employers-of-choice apply their organisational principles in a South African business environment?

Well, we’re in luck as The Top Employers Institute ( has identified the top 10 companies in SA that are going the extra mile to be recognized as local employers-of-choice. The top 5 companies are:

For the Top 10 SA Employers full list, see:

It’s striking that of the top 10 SA employers:

  • X2 are Financial Services firms;
  • X2 are Consultancy firms;
  • x2 are Tech’ / ITC services firms;
  • x4 are in retail (of which x3 are FMCG conglomerates);
  • x1 Energy firm;
  • x2 have their SA head offices in Cape Town (Old Mutual & Clicks);
  • x2 of the top 10 are originally companies founded in SA (Old Mutual & SASOL) – in today’s multinational & conglomerate world, that’s still a notable achievement for SA.

It’s notable that these brands not only invest in their employees, but that they also invest in promoting awareness of the career opportunities at their organisations to the wider South African labour market.

For example, if you want to watch a Unilever Career Role Model video of Lushentha, Unilever’s Finance Director, sharing what she thinks makes Unilever SA’s top employer-of-choice, see:

And Unilever have lots more of these videos online for people to see all the career opportunities and paths at their brand and what sort of people succeed there.

And, if you’d like to see all 100 companies who make Fortune’s list & if you’d like to see why Fortune thinks they are the best in the world to work for, then read the full list here:



A famous brand, Zappos (, with a contact-centre as a core part of their business operations, failed to make Fortune’s Top 100 for the first time ever. Why? What’s gone wrong there? And how did a business that’s primarily an employer of contact-centre & logistics-centre staff even get onto the Top 100 in the first place? Also, what can South African contact-centres learn from Zappos? Well you can read about the rise & fall (& rise again?) of Zappos in our new blog at:

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