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Fortune (, a top international business magazine & a great read, has just published its global ranking for the top 100 companies to work for – it’s survey of which companies treat their employees the best.

Fortune’s top 100 is topped by Google ( for the 7th consecutive year! That’s pretty impressive considering the competition, especially in Silicon Valley.

Fortune says that Google retains its top spot because due to: its compensation structure, its enhanced healthcare coverage (including a virtual doctor for all employees and breast cancer screening services), 3 prepared organic meals per day and unlimited snacks, as well as onsite car-oil changes and bike repairs, haircuts, health spa, nap pods, laundry rooms, and much else. See more about all the benefits of being a Google employee (& how Fortune ranked their top 100) at:

As one Googler (the company’s own name for Google employees) says, “The company culture truly makes workers feel they’re valued and respected as a human being, not as a cog in the machine. The perks are phenomenal!”

Not only do Google employees feel like their company cares about them, it helps them win the war for talent: of the 1,000+ job openings they have open at the moment, they receive 2.7 million job applications!

Want to see more about Google, watch this BBC news report video on life as a Google employee:

Very cool, hey!

The Fortune top 100 is based on companies operating in the USA, but many of those companies on the list are multinational brands. Some operate in South Africa (and Cape Town), including:

Congratulations to all these companies for making Fortune’s top 100, as this is no small achievement! And it’s great news that South Africans can get to work at and build careers with several of these Fortune top employers-of-choice.

Sadly, a top brand that usually makes this list (and who has a large captive contact-centre operation at the core of their business) fell off Fortune’s top 100 this year… Namely, Zappos (

Zappos, owned by Amazon (another top brand with operations in Cape Town, South Africa) since 2009, decided to get rid of its traditional management structure and replace it with a radical new management style called ‘holacracy’ (

See Zappos’ CEO, Tony Hsieh, explain what this is and why he did it in this short video:

So, that’s Fortune’s list of the top 100 companies to work for – in the USA.

But, where can you find out about the top companies to work for in South Africa?

The answer: at The Top Employers Institute ( has identified the top 10 companies in SA that go the extra mile for their employees. The top 3 include:

For the Top 10 SA Employers full list, see:

And, if you want to watch a video of Lushentha, Unilever’s Finance Director, sharing what she thinks makes Unilever SA’s top employer-of-choice, see:

And, if you’d like to see all 100 companies who make Fortune’s list & if you’d like to see why Fortune thinks they are the best in the world to work for, then read the full list here:


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