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People-Happy?: Are you people focussed? Can you make someone’s day better? Can you help them have better experiences? Can you make yourself happy by making other people happy? [Yep, we really just said that!]If this sounds like you (or it sounds like the ‘you’ you want to be at work) then maybe a career in the BPO & Contact-Centre industry, working as a customer-service agent, is for you… But don’t just believe us, ask Rudi Adams: you can see what he thinks about in the video below – have a watch see what you think about what he says.

Getting Your Career Started: The BPO & Contact-Centre industry is great way to enter the world-of-work and get started on the career ladder.It helps if you have at least 6 months prior contact-centre or customer-service experience, but the top brands in this industry are always on the look-out for aspiring young talent looking to learn the ropes and work hard if given the opportunity. And, at Status, we’ll help you showcase yourself to them, so you have the best chance of success in your application – because we are all about supporting SA’s talent.

Career Opportunities:

A job in the BPO & Contact-Centre industry often leads to career development opportunities for you, either in the company you join or in similar industries. The industry is well known for promoting from within, especially from its agents. You could be promoted to become a Team Leader, responsible for 10 other customer-service agents. Or you could become a QA agent or a HR administrator. From there, the sky’s the limit!

In short, this is a great job for getting experience at a world class company, representing top consumer brands and dealing with a broad range of international and local customers. That sort of work-experience is never wasted when building your career and your professional Brand-Me.

Salary Expectations:

In the BPO & Contact-Centre industry, a customer-service agent can expect a basic salary of R4,500-8,000.00 per month, as well as other incentives and bonuses. It all depends on how much industry experience you already have, the company you work for, and things like working shifts [Basically, if you work late-night or rotational shifts, usually you can expect to get paid more for doing so than when you don’t.]

Working Hours:

Most companies’ office hours are 08.00-17.00, but many also have rotational shifts and late-night shifts, especially if they are servicing international customers. Sometimes these shifts are from 12.00-22.00, sometimes they are night-shifts only. It all depends on the company and the job that you apply for and what they need you to work. It may seem weird, but sometimes the best career opportunities are in the jobs with non-regular office hours, as it’s a good way to show your commitment and, frankly, sometimes there’s less competition. [More people work regular office hours than those who don’t, so you do the maths!]

Candidate Criteria:

If you think you’d like to apply for a career as a customer-service agent in this industry, then check out if the following criteria applies to you?:

  • Have you got your Matric/ Grade 12?
  • Have you at least 6+ months Contact Centre experience? (If not, but you want to try for a career in contact-centre, then contact us anyway. ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’, as they say.)
  • Are you a natural when it comes to good communication skills (written and verbal)? And is your spoken English excellent?
  • Are you comfortable and confident interacting with lots of different people on the phone, all day long?
  • Can you navigate on a PC and multi-task easily? (You’ll need to listen to the customer and reply to them, while at the same time capturing data on the PC and navigating different software-windows. It’s a lot like using your laptop at home, just way more intense.)
  • Can you work in a busy and vibey office full of lots of other young colleagues, all dedicated to making someone’s day better?

How Status Can Help You:

We find the right people for our clients: top SA brands, who are local and international employers-of-choice. So, we can help you find the right career with one of them too. We’ll help you draft an awesome CV, prepare for your interview, and ensure that our client sees the very best YOU.

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